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TOP Community Service

Les Freddy and Michael tying down a load of debris at the Tyee River cleanup event.  Michael is giving two thumbs up.Community Service/Volunteering is a critical component of most scholarship applications.  It is also a great opportunity to make contacts in your chosen field, and even get some experience to find out if your chosen profession is a good fit for you.  Sign up for Get Connected through the link below, and meet with your advisor if you need any assistance choosing an opportunity that is right for you.

Community Service/Volunteering Tips

  1. Choose an opportunity that is related to your future profession
  2. Keep track of ALL of your hours, and have a supervisor sign off whenever possible (There is a Volunteer hour Tracking form below)
  3. If you are doing a long term commitment ask for a letter of reference at the end of your service
  4. If you are doing a long term opportunity be sure to give ample warning that you will have to stop volunteering
  5. Try to maximize volunteering during times when you are not in school
  6. Think about your skills and how you may be able to help an organization
  7. Treat volunteering as a long term job interview.  People in the community will get to know you, your work ethic, and reliability.
  8. Try to pick a cause you are passionate about for volunteering

Volunteering Resources

  1. Get Connected United Way - This website is turning into the one stop shop for volunteer opportunities in Douglas County.  Make an account, choose your interests, choose your favorite organizations, and begin searching for volunteer oppoturnities tailored to you. It is that simple.  
  2. Volunteer Hours Tracking Form

Michael holding a SOLVE Oregon cleanup bag standing in front of the Tyee section of the Umpqua river.

Michael and Kevin walking along the shore at the Tyee cleanup.

Les, Freddy, Christine, Michael, and Kevin.  Standing in front of a pickup truck full of debris from the Tyee cleanup event.

Get connected with the UCC community

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    Dr. Kacy Crabtree
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    April Hamlin
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    Susan Taylor
    Director, UCC Foundation
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    Director of Financial Aid
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    Honey McNamara
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    Women's Basketball Coach
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    Social Science
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    Recruitment Specialist
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