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Meet your Advisors

Alysha Barraza

Alysha Barraza, Viticulture and Enology Academic Advisor

AAOT, Umpqua Community College
BS, Agricultural Science, Oregon State
MBA, Northwest Christian University (In progress)

On Being an Academic Advisor

“I love being an advisor and helping students to achieve their dreams. Advising allows me to get to know students, customize their experience, and help them in many ways like wrap around services. Being an advisor is a great challenge that gives me a new puzzle with every students, but that is what makes is special and drives me to do the best I can.”

Alysha Barraza

Caroline Hopkins

Caroline Randall, Director, TOP

BA, Portland State University
MA, Portland State University

On Being an Academic Advisor

“My job at UCC as an academic advisor has been my favorite and most fulfilling job of my career. I have the opportunity to support and empower hundreds of students, and encourage them as they achieve their academic goals. It is a privilege to work with each student that comes through the door.”

Caroline Randall

Christine Simmons

Christine Simmons, Academic Advisor, TOP

AAOT, Umpqua Community College
BS, Psychology, Portland State University

Thoughts On Advising

“As a graduate of Umpqua Community College as well as the Transfer Opportunity Program, I recognize the value of having an advisor to help navigate college. I am excited to be able to assist students towards their goals in education. The advising I received was valuable, and I hope to be able to provide the same excellent level of service to the students we serve at UCC.”

Christine Simmons

danielle haskett

Danielle Haskett, Accessibility Services Coordinator

AAOT, Umpqua Community College
BS, Business Management & Marketing, University of Oregon
Masters of Education, Special Education, Grand Canyon University

Thoughts On Advising

“I am passionate about being a UCC alumni and employee. My goal is to assist students in any way that I can to achieve their educational and life goals! I enjoy getting to know our students and guiding them through the process of college. I inform you decide!”

Danielle Haskett

Michael Olson

Michael Olson, Academic Advisor

AAOT, Umpqua Community College
BS, Psychology, Southern Oregon University

Thoughts On Advising

“I really enjoy my job as an Academic Advisor. I get to see students grow during their time at UCC. My role is to support each student in as many ways as I can. I want students to see their potential as a person and student. My hope is that the students will see how each one of them is unique and that they have the ability to persevere and succeed in college!”

Michael Olson

Mary Morris

Mary A. Morris,  Lead Academic Advisor

AAOT, Umpqua Community colle. 
BS, Psychology, Southern Oregon University

Thoughts On Advising

“One of the best rewards is meeting with a student any time in his/her educational journey. Listening to the excitement in a student’s voice as he/she goes through all of the processes! I love being able to celebrate their successes with them. When students take time out of their day to let me know how things are going, I feel a great sense of pride knowing that I am there to support them!”

Mary Morris

Get connected with the UCC community

  • Dr. Debra Thatcher
    Dr. Debra Thatcher
  • Dr. Kacy Crabtree
    Dr. Kacy Crabtree
  • Brad O'Dell
    Brad O'Dell
    Police Academy
  • Craig Jackson
    Craig Jackson
    Athletics Director
  • John Blackwood
    John Blackwood
    Computer Science
  • April Hamlin
    April Hamlin
    Dean of Student Services
  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor
    Director, UCC Foundation
  • Anthony Tatum
    Anthony Tatum
    Help Desk
  • Dave Stricklin
    Dave Stricklin
    Women's Basketball Coach
  • Michelle Bergmann
    Michelle Bergmann
    Director of Financial Aid
  • Honey Mcnamara
    Honey McNamara
  • Jan Woodcock
    Jan Woodcock
    Social Science
  • Kira Oerman
    Kira Oerman
    Recruitment Specialist
  • Jason Heald
    Jason Heald
  • Danielle Haskette 2
    Danielle Haskett
    Accessibility Services
  • Stephanie Newman
    Stephanie Newman
    Theatre Arts
  • Les Rogers
    Les Rogers
  • Jennifer Lantrip
    Jennifer Lantrip
    Research Librarian
  • georgann willis
    Georgann Willis
    Social Science