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LIB 127

LIB 127: Library and Internet Research

(3 credits, offered online Fall, Winter, Spring)

  • Improve your
    research skills for your courses 
    across campus as you venture through the research process using
    Library and Web resources.
  • Learn transferable research skills for your
    future studies, career success, personal interests, and lifelong learning.
  • Gain an introduction to local and global
    information issues.
  • Produce and share what you have learned to take part in
    community or scholarly conversations.


Jennifer Lantrip
Reference Librarian - Contact
Phone: 541-440-7681

Course Description

This course is designed to take students through the research process as they learn to search, find, access, and utilize information efficiently from a variety of library and Web resources. Upon successful completion of this course, students gain transferable research skills for academic and career success, personal interests, and lifelong learning. As this course focuses on critical thinking, students learn to evaluate, select, and interpret information sources. Students are introduced to information issues that affect their local and global communities as they learn to share information ethically according to Copyright and Creative Commons licenses and apply a standard citation style format to their work. Students take an active role by clearly and effectively contributing what they have learned to a larger community or scholarly conversation.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will: 

  1. Develop a specific research question in order to formulate a clear search strategy.
  2. Utilize effective search techniques in order to find relevant information from library and Web resources.
  3. Evaluate and select relevant and credible information sources in order to construct and provide evidence for a thesis.
  4. Access, cite, and share information according to copyright law, Creative Commons licenses, and standard citation style formats in order to utilize information resources ethically.
  5. Interpret and then draw conclusions from a body of research about a topic in order to answer a research question and create a thesis.
  6. Present research findings clearly in an appropriate medium in order to contribute to a larger community or scholarly conversation about a topic.

Course Material

The required text for this course is freely available online with a Creative Commons license. All required materials for this course are accessible through Canvas. 

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