• Mothers Day
  • Summer Attendance
  • College Success Tip - Build Your Team
  • Forestry and Natural Resources at UCC
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • Explore UCC - April 25, 2019
  • Bridging the Gap
  • Success Skills Workshops sliders Apr19
  • Apply for Graduation
  • Cybersecurity AAS
  • National Welding Month - April 2019
  • Career Coaching Workshops - Spring Term 2019

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Academic Council

Academic Council Minutes

AC Minutes Oct. 9, 2018

AC Minutes Oct. 16, 2018

AC Minutes Oct. 23, 2018

AC Minutes Jan. 29, 2019

AC Minutes Feb. 19, 2019


Academic Council Charter

Academic Council Charter

Academic Council Packets

Get connected with the UCC community

  • Dr. Debra Thatcher
    Dr. Debra Thatcher
  • Dr. Kacy Crabtree
    Dr. Kacy Crabtree
  • Brad O'Dell
    Brad O'Dell
    Police Academy
  • Craig Jackson
    Craig Jackson
    Athletics Director
  • John Blackwood
    John Blackwood
    Computer Science
  • Dr. Mitch Mitchell
    Dr. Mitch Mitchell
    Director of Advising
  • Dave Stricklin
    Dave Stricklin
    Women's Basketball Coach
  • Anthony Tatum
    Anthony Tatum
    Help Desk
  • Michelle Bergmann
    Michelle Bergmann
    Director of Financial Aid
  • Honey Mcnamara
    Honey McNamara
  • Joseph Villa
    Joseph Villa
  • Jessica Richardson
    Jessica Richardson
    Recruiting Coordinator
  • Jason Heald
    Jason Heald
  • Missy Olson
    Missy Olson
    Dean of Enrollment
  • Les Rogers
    Les Rogers
    Director, TRiO
  • Jennifer Lantrip
    Jennifer Lantrip
    Research Librarian