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Student Workers

Become a Library Lab Aide!

We would love for you to work with us. Library lab aide jobs are paid positions that are available to students who willing to help others. If you are considering becoming a library lab aide, please find your way to the Library. Talk to one of our library staff and we will direct you through the application process.

Preferred candidates demonstrate these additional qualities:   
    - An interest in helping other students
    - A willingness for personal growth
    - Likes to read

You can find our online application below:

Library lab aide application


Get connected with the UCC community

  • Dr. Debra Thatcher
    Dr. Debra Thatcher
  • Dr. Kacy Crabtree
    Dr. Kacy Crabtree
  • Brad O'Dell
    Brad O'Dell
    Police Academy
  • Craig Jackson
    Craig Jackson
    Athletics Director
  • John Blackwood
    John Blackwood
    Computer Science
  • April Hamlin
    April Hamlin
    Dean of Student Services
  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor
    Director, UCC Foundation
  • Roger Sanchez
    Roger Sanchez
    Testing Coordinator
  • Anthony Tatum
    Anthony Tatum
    Help Desk
  • Dave Stricklin
    Dave Stricklin
    Women's Basketball Coach
  • Michelle Bergmann
    Michelle Bergmann
    Director of Financial Aid
  • Honey Mcnamara
    Honey McNamara
  • Jan Woodcock
    Jan Woodcock
    Social Science
  • Joseph Villa
    Joseph Villa
  • Kira Oerman
    Kira Oerman
    Recruitment Specialist
  • Jason Heald
    Jason Heald
  • Danielle Haskette 2
    Danielle Haskett
    Accessibility Services
  • Stephanie Newman
    Stephanie Newman
    Theatre Arts
  • Les Rogers
    Les Rogers
    Director, TRiO
  • Jennifer Lantrip
    Jennifer Lantrip
    Research Librarian