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1098-T Information

The Tax Relief Act (TRA) of 1997 requires eligible educational institutions to provide a statement to the IRS and to students who enrolled in credit courses and have a reportable transaction during each calendar year. UCC provides this information to the IRS electronically and to students on a 1098-T form.

The 1098-T provides the amounts billed to you for qualified tuition and related expenses, amounts you received for scholarships and grants, and prior year adjustments. Please, note, UCC reports the amounts billed to you for qualified tuition and related expenses on the 1098-T and not the amount you paid during the calendar year. Students must use their own records about tuition and fees amounts paid during the year in addition to the information on the 1098-T to determine if they qualify for certain education tax credits.

The IRS defines qualified tuition and related expenses as tuition and fees a student must pay to be enrolled at or attend an eligible education institution.

UCC does not furnish 1098-T forms if:

  • Scholarships and grants equal or exceed qualified charges billed
  • Student is a nonresident alien (unless requested by the student)
  • Student only registered for non-credit courses
  • Student’s qualified charges billed are waived or paid through third party billing arrangements

Umpqua Community College has contracted with Vangent, Inc., to provide both the electronic and paper 1098-T forms. As part of this service you have access to your 1098-T electronically through Vangent's TRA website. If you access your 1098-T before January 23rd to print 1098-Ts you can select to retrieve your form electronically in lieu of a mailed paper copy. Don't worry, you can always return to get additional copies if you need them.

Instructions for retrieving your 1098-T electronically

By acknowledging that you are receiving the 1098-T electronically, a hard copy form will NOT be mailed to you. However, you can go to the website as often as needed to retrieve a copy.

Important Information

  • Mailing Date: 1098-T’s will be mailed by January 31. Forms might not reach you until sometime after that date.
  • Mailing Address: The 1098-T form will be mailed to your most recent mailing address on record at the time of printing.
  • Online Information: If you did not receive a 1098-T, you may view a detailed representation on UCC’s Student Account site.

    Directions for Electronic 1098-T:

    1. Log in
    2. Click on Student and Financial Aid
    3. Click on Student Records
    4. Click on Tax Notification
    5. Enter the four digit year to view
    6. Click Submit


  • Tax Advice: UCC and Vangent cannot determine if you qualify for an education tax credit and are not allowed to give you tax advice. Please read the instructions on your 1098-T form or contact a tax professional to assist you. You may refer to IRS Publication 970 on Tax benefits for Education and IRS Form 8863.

    For additional information contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.