Success Center

The Success Center provides a variety of resources free to UCC students. Get free help for your courses by meeting with a drop-in tutor on campus, or hop online with SmarThinking for help on the weekends. Our computer lab is open to all students and provides access to our college prep courses like CSM and Essential Skills.

Below you can find a list of available resources at the Success Center.

Drop in tutoring services:
    - Academic Tutors
    - Skills Tutors

College and GED Prep services:

    - Placement Test Skills Review College placement test skills review and practice tests
    - Core Skills Mastery (CSM) | Skills review, GED and college prep
    - Khan Academy | Skills review and college prep 
    - LearningExpress Library | Skills review, GED, and college prep 

Other services:
    - SmarThinking | Online tutoring 24/7 found within Canvas (Must be logged in to view)
    - Student Lingo | Student Success workshops
    - High-school Homework Help | Tutoring help for high-school students

We can help you:
    - Become a more confident, successful, independent learner
    - Develop your understanding and skills in a number of courses
    - Improve your time management, note-taking, and test-taking skills

Ashli Payne

Spotlight on Student Success : Ashli Payne

Student athlete, Ashli Payne, accomplished much while attending UCC by staying focused.
Get the details.

Hours & Information

Success Center
Library Building
Hours: 8am-7pm, Monday-Thursday; 8am-5pm, Friday
Phone: 541-440-7733


Success Center Front Desk
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