Super Moon October 2016

Paul Morgan Observatory

The Paul Morgan Observatory (PMO) is designed to provide onsite and online viewings of the sun and  night sky. The GS107 2017 class lab exercises will include use of the observatory during the summer of 2017. The observatory will also serve to provide outreach to schools via the Internet and onsite tours starting spring 2017.

Photograph above: Frost Super Moon November 13, 2016 at 5:05 p.m. from PMO

What's new at the Observatory?

Progress continues on Mount and Pier #2. Polar alignment has improved from 6 arcminutes to less than 3 arcminutes. Computer control programs are being updated with new software.  Soon new control limits will be developed and installed to safeguard telescopes and cameras from collisons with the pier and other scopes. A new full apeture solar filter was purchased and installed on the Celestron C14 telescope.  New cables have been tested for Mount #2 to allow dual Skyris cameras to image from 2 separate telescopes simultaneously.

Mount #1 is now fully operational with point and click with Starry Night 7 Pro software. This allow rapid find and image any object in the extensive SN7 database.  Both C11 and C9.25 scopes are now Hyperstar capable. A 4th TV monitor has been installed for the observatory's 4th computer. Testing will soon be begin on a new Mallincam camera using the 4th computer for control.

Observatory Announcements

New photos were added to the photo album page.

Weather data is now available in real-time from the Davis Weather Station at the PMO.  Available 24-7.

The first live streaming tests were successfully conducted with the Lunt Hydrogen Alpha refractor atop the C14 with a Skyris 274 C camera.  Live streaming will be begin (hopefully) in late July after a few more tests.  Stay tuned.

August 8, 2017 - Umpqua Astronomers meeting - 6:30 p.m.

Come to Wayne Crooch Hall, Room 18 for the final talk about the August 21st solar eclipse. Solar projection cards will be given away as well as handouts about the eclipse.

Coming soon - Public evening observing sessions (September)

Visit the Observatory

School visits to the observatory, either online or on site are available NOW, weather permitting. Please email the observatory to arrange a visit for either day (solar) or night time observing. Schools that want to visit online should email for arrangements and a special link for either daytime (solar) or night time (night sky) observing.

The observatory is located near the Tower Building at UCC. Limited parking is available around the Tower Building. However, there is more parking down the hill from the observatory in front of the Technology Center. For more information, see map.

The observatory is handicap accessible and is designed for wheelchair viewing of the TV monitors. Images are seen in real-time in color on large screen TV monitors allowing for group presentations. Simultaneously, the presentations with images can be broadcast online.


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Assistant Professor, Science - Astronomy