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UCC Summer Camps

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Let your kids’ creativity and athleticism run wild at UCC’s Summer Camps! Sign up now.

UCC offers a wide range of summer camps - from science to sports, from arts to aquatics. You'll be amazed by the energy, enthusiasm, and confidence the camps generate in your children as they learn more about the world around them.

Camp options include clay animation, science experiments, cooking, swimming, theater, and physical education. Don’t forget basketball and volleyball camps, too!

You can sign children up for an entire camp or individual classes. Don’t let your kids waste their summer!

Visit www.roseburgsummerfun.com for a full camp list.


Discovery & Matrix Camps (Grades K-10) : 541-440-4668
Summer Sport Camps (All Grades) : 541-440-4686
Aquatics (Ages 6 and Up) : 541-440-7717

Download / view Summer programs and Pool information.

Registration : 541-440-7744

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