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Email Etiquette

Everyone who uses email should master email etiquette. Get quick tips on this important topic.

View / download Do's and Don'ts of Email Etiquette

Windows Keyboard Shorcuts

Save time and energy. Learn Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts!

128 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7


We are now implementing a soft-rollout of GoPrint starting the fall 2013 term. This means we won’t charge for printing, but we will be installing and using GoPrint in all campus computer labs. Students and instructors will need to log in to GoPrint to release (or cancel) their print jobs. Instructions for both credit and non-credit students are available below. Non-students have the ability to create their own GoPrint account so they can print without a student account.

View / download GoPrint Credit and GoPrint Non-Credit.

The two manuals below show how to use the GoPrint pop-up dialogue box and how to open the GoPrint application manually. Using one of these two methods, students should be able to print.

View / download GoPrint Pop Up Instructions and GoPrint Manual Run.

Employee Computer Refresh Plan

IT + Innovation will develop a new plan to refresh computers in the Summer of 2014.

Lab List 2012-13

The following downloadable file lists the standard software on each workstation in a given lab.

View / download the Lab List.

Emergency Notification Alert System

Please become familiar with the new emergency notification process in order to receive messages on your phone via voice or text or via an alternate email.

For Students

Forwarding College Gmail (Student Email)

Forwarding College Gmail

Installing Microsoft Office

View / download How to Install Microsoft Office.

For Faculty & Staff

Telephone System

View / download Conference Calling Procedure

Crystal Reports Basic Instructions

View / download CMC Quick Guide

Submit a Help Desk Ticket

The Help Desk Portal is setup to accept service requests from UCC employees for catering, facilities maintenance and computer hardware & software help. You can submit a help desk ticket at Just log in with your UCC network username and password. Then help will be on the way!

View / download instructions to Submit a Help Desk Ticket. New!

Gmail and Google Apps

View / download Manage your college Gmail in Outlook 2010.

Google Apps in Higher Education.

Purchasing Option for Personal or Home Use Software

Purchase software for home or personal use at a discount rate! Umpqua Community College has a software portal with a vendor that is accessible to students, faculty and staff that have a college-issued email address.

Use this link:

1) Once you are there click "Sign In"
2) Then click "Register"
3) Enter your college-issued email address and click "Continue"
4) Fill out the form and click "Register"
5) Next, you'll get a confirmation email at your college-issued email address
6) Click on the confirmation link. This will take you to were you'll be able to see the special pricing.

Minimum Computer Standards

The information below is provided as recommendation only for personal computer purchases. Computers purchased for professional use by UCC employees and student labs are all procured through the IT + Innovation division.

Minimum Requirements for Apple computers

Mac Pro MacBook 1 MacBook 2
21.5" iMac 13" MacBook Pro (4.5lbs) 15" MacBook Pro (5.5lbs)
Intel Core i5 CPU Intel Core i5 CPU Intel Core i7 CPU
DVD-Burner Drive DVD-Burner Drive DVD-Burner Drive
500 GB Hard Drive 500 GB Hard Drive 500 GB Hard Drive
Mac OS X 10.7 Mac OS X 10.7 Mac OS X 10.7

Minimum Requirements for Microsoft based PCs

Desktop PC Laptop 1 Laptop 2
Dell OptiPlex 13" Dell Latitude (4 lbs) 14" Dell Latitude (5 lbs)
Intel Core i5 CPU Intel Core i5 CPU Intel Core i5 CPU
DVD-Burner Drive DVD-Burner Drive DVD-Burner Drive
250 GB Hard Drive 250 GB Hard Drive 320 GB Hard Drive
Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Professional