Fitness Room

Fitness Center

Spring Term (Mar 28 - Jun 10)

Non Credit Classes

Information line: 541-440-4668
Registration line: 541-440-7744

  • Low-Impact Boot Camp, CRN 41125, 4/4 - 6/1, Monday & Wednesday, 5pm - 5:50pm, $49

General Use of Fitness Center (Mar 28 - Jun 10)

  • Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm
    By the term - must register each term
    • CRN40522
    • Current students & community members - $25 (Call to register)
    • Part-time staff - (Call to register)
    • Full-time staff - (Call to register)

Credit Classes

  • Fitness Center: Basics – for beginners and those not familiar with Fitness Center equipment.
  • Fitness Center: Aerobic – for students wishing to concentrate on Aerobic based workouts.
  • Fitness Center: Strength – for students wishing to concentrate on Strength training workouts.

There is an orientation class that all students who sign up for the Fitness Center classes must attend, Monday, Wednesday or Friday at noon the first week of the term.

  • Aerobic Fitness – a circuit training course designed to do both aerobic and anaerobic workouts with weights and aerobic machines.
  • Weight Training – introduction and program for strength training.


Cheryl Yoder - Contact
Chair, Associate Professor, Physical Ed / Outdoor Rec

Donna McGeehon - Contact
Administrative Secretary, Physical Ed
Phone: 541-440-4686