Theatre Arts: Auditions

UCC welcomes anyone to audition for the school year productions; priority casting is given to registered students, particularly those in the Theatre Arts program. UCC is an equal-opportunity employer; diversity and non-traditional casting are welcome. Experience is not necessary. Auditioners should become familiar with the show and create an audition around the style of that show. See each show for more details. Bring a headshot (or recent photo of yourself, from about the shoulders up) and resume that lists your performing experience. All cast members are expected to be available for all show dates, rehearsals and a post-show strike; see each show for scheduling.

SHOW DATES: May 23 through June 1, 2014

by Catherine Butterfield

Centerstage Theatre

This Oregon Premiere by a hit contemporary playwright is a touching drama revolving around the lives of three pairs of dynamic characters living in the same New York brownstone building—but over three different time periods!


Saturday, March 1, 2014, 10am-Noon and Monday, March 3, 2014, 6pm-9pm at Centerstage Theatre


Thursday, March 6, 2014, 6pm at Centerstage Theatre


April 28th through opening, weekday evenings


June 1st, after the show


Please prepare a memorized contemporary monologue, dramatic or comedic.

Davia - A beautiful young woman who is wealthy, wise, and ready to move to Paris. She is bored with her social life and her father. Very witty with a sly sense of humor.

Stephen - A sweet young man who longs to make an impression on the world and do right- he falls for Davia right away. He is direct and yet and has a sense of humor.

Maureen - The good girl from Texas who moves to New York with her friend to become a star. Down to earth and pretty, yet her friend always seems to outshine her.

Deena - Daddy’s little girl who gets to Texas and has the money to enjoy it. Another aspiring actress, she seems to be doing well since everybody knows when she’s in the room. Bubbly and spoiled.

Jessica - Part of a New York power couple that is “on top of it all” with a dream husband, dream job, and hot social life- until pregnancy makes her question it all. Gorgeous, hip, and fun.

Jason– The other half of the power couple that has it all. Likes to have a good time and enjoy the moment, always joking- not able to deal with conflict directly so he starts drinking. Good looking guy who knows it.

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