ASUCC Student Services

ASUCC is responsible for a number of student oriented services. For more information, contact any member of the current Student Leadership.

ASUCC can provide 3 days worth of meals to students in need!

Project C.A.N.S.

Project C.A.N.S. is an on-campus food pantry established by ASUCC Leadership Board. It is designed to assist students during difficult times and is a place where you can receive free, supplemental food assistance. Each box is three days worth of meals.

Qualifications: Any student enrolled for at least 3 credits may access Project C.A.N.S. up to three times per term.

ASUCC can provide backpacks and school supplies to new students.

Backpack Program

New students who are facing significant difficulties purchasing basic class supplies are invited to request assistance from the Backpack Program, established by ASUCC Leadership Board. The backpack contains a notebook, notebook dividers, paper, pencils, pens, and highlighters.

Qualifications: Any new student enrolled for at least 3 credits may apply for the backpack program. A written referral from a member of the Student Development staff is required.

gas card

Emergency Gas Voucher Program

Established by ASUCC Leadership Board, the gas card program is intended to assist students that cannot afford gas at the beginning of the term, in the period between the time school starts and financial aid is disbursed.

Each voucher is in the form of a gas card. A student is only eligible to receive one (1) gas card per term, maximum four (4) cards per academic year. Dollar amount for gas card is calculated as follows:

Miles from Campus Card Value in Dollars
1 to 9  $                               5.00
10 to 19  $                             10.00
20 to 29  $                             15.00
30 +  $                             25.00

Qualifications: Students are eligible if they are enrolled in at least 3 credits on campus and have demonstrated financial need.


Textbook Reserve

Established by ASUCC Leadership Board, the Textbook Reserve, located in the UCC Library, houses copies of textbooks for many (but not all) of the classes taught at UCC. The textbooks are available for use only in the Library and may not be checked out.