RICK'S MEDICAL SUPPLY: Driver / Medical Supply Delivery & Set Up


Number of Positions Available: 10+

Available Starting Fall 2014

Job Description:

America Reads / America Counts students will help with reading concepts and also tutor mathematics to children in preschool through elementary school. They work study students will perform such tasks in a variety of community settings as prescribed by local school districts. The America Reads concept is a national campaign calling on all Americans to help every child learn to read well and on their own. The America Counts concept is to have the opportunity to serve as a mathematics tutor to kindergarten through sixth grade children.   


A work-study student whom is eligible for this position will need to be interested in helping children learn to read and understand mathematics. This individual will need to be dedicated to community service and enthusiastic about helping young children learn those skills. There will be a criminal back ground check and drug test prior to hire.

Pay Rate: $9.50 / hr

Location: Local Community Schools

FWS Referral Contact Person:Ann Abel

FWS Referral Contact Location: Campus Center