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Maintaining Your UCC Scholar Status

A student accepted as UCC Scholar must agree to the following program participation requirements in order to maintain the tuition waiver:

  • Enrolling in fall term 2016.
  • Enrolling for no more than six consecutive terms (summer 2017 is optional).
  • Receiving a twelve (12) credit per term tuition waiver, understanding that all other fees or costs are not included in this award.
  • Enrolling in and maintaining a minimum of 12 credits each term. Enrollment in additional credits is allowed, however, any additional credits will not be covered by the tuition waiver.
  • If a course(s) is/are dropped/withdrawn from during the academic term, the tuition cost of the course will be reimbursed to the college
  • Maintaining a minimum quarterly GPA of 3.50 while attending UCC as a participant in the UCC Scholars Program.
  • Completing the Associates degree or earning 90 credits before the six consecutive terms are completed, will end participation in the program. Earned credit hours include any credits earned prior to acceptance as a UCC Scholar.
  • Attending a one day (8:00am to 5:00pm) UCC Scholars Boot Camp on September 14, September 15 or September 24.
  • Enrolling in a First Year Experience course in fall term 2016.
  • Meeting with an assigned academic advisor a minimum of three times per term during the first term; subsequent terms’ meetings will be customized to meet individual needs.
  • Submitting academic progress reports a minimum of twice each term and participating in academic support services as determined by an advisor.
  • Completing a minimum of 10 community service hours per term, which are documented and providing a written report reflecting upon the experience at the end of each term.
  • Using tutoring services for one hour weekly during the first term; subsequent terms’ will be customized to meet individual needs.


Lisa Fields - Contact
Interim Director of Student Life

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