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Educational Talent Search Staff


Jeremy Cornish

Jeremy Cornish, ETS Advisor

Glide, and South Umpqua High Schools, Glide and Coffenbury MS

Master's Degree, CSU Stanislaus
Bachelor’s Degree, CSU Stanislaus
Joined Team in 2015

“As a person who began his academic career in remedial adult-education courses, and went on to attain a Masters Degree; I have garnered a genuine passion for assisting aspiring students in their academic ambitions, and long term career goals. I am deeply invested in the educational future of Douglas County's emerging scholars and technical minds. I genuinely look forward to being a catalyst for academic opportunity and success.”

Jeremy Cornish

Cat Wilson

Cat Wilson, ETS Advisor

Roseburg and Douglas High Schools

Bachelor’s Degree, Western Oregon University
Joined Team in 2010

“I love helping the youth of Douglas County because I know that they can break the cycle and change the culture of the communities that we live in. We have wonderful and smart students in our area who have the potential to succeed and I like helping them make sure that they have the foundation they need to achieve their dreams at college.”

Cat Wilson

Brian Burke copy

Brian Burke, ETS Advisor

Sutherlin High School
Fremont, Winston, Riddle  and Sutherlin Middle Schools

Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Business Adminstration and Sociology/Anthropology from Eastern Oregon University

 Joined Team in 2015

"I have been a part of the Douglas County community for my whole life. I attended Sutherlin High and Umpqua Community College before getting my degree from Eastern Oregon University. I wanted to with the high school students who are from this area because I had to go through the whole college process by myself. I want to help these students achieve their dreams and give them the support I never had. A lot of the students want to go to college to better their lives, but once they start going through the process they feel it is impossible. In the words of Walt Disney himself, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

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Cathy Adkins, Program Assistant

Studied at Umpqua Community College
Joined Team in 2008

“I believe in dreams and believe education is the key in achieving them. There are times when I cannot believe I am being paid to do what I love best! Being able to see our underrepresented students graduate then go on to the college of their choice is the best feeling ever!”

Cathy Adkins

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