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JOBS Program

The Umpqua Community College Job Opportunity Basic Skills (JOBS) program is contracted by the Department of Human Services (DHS), to provide training and educational opportunities, for people who are eligible for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and Foodstamps. The purpose of the contract is to place clients in training and educational activities, so they can develop or enhance the necessary skills to find and maintain employment.

Workforce Readiness Classes

The classes offer two weeks of professional development. Topics include Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, Work Ethics and Problem Solving, Stress Management, Attitude and First Impressions, and Prioritization and Goal Setting. These classes are to prepare participants to enter the workforce, and provide them with an understandingshakinghands for specific traits employers are looking for in an employee.

Work Experience

The objective of the work experience program is to provide meaningful work experience for TANF participants in the community. Currently, there are 214 sites that have been established in Douglas County. Participants benefit from hands-on training, networking, and sometimes employment. 


JOBS Plus is a subsidized program administered by DHS. Individuals receiving TANF can be placed with private or public employers and receive a subsidy for wages paid. Employers determine the wage rate and pay the worker directly. JOBS Plus workers receive a paycheck in lieu of public benefits. There is no requirement that the employer hire the worker at the end of the JOBS Plus subsidy. Employers are reimbursed by DHS at the Oregon minimum wage plus employer wage taxes and workers' compensation costs. Employers are reimbursed for a maximum of 26 weeks.

Job Search

Staff are available for individualized orientations that will guide participants in the appropriate ways to seek employment, and document the progress they have made. Participants attend weekly work shops in Career Exploration and Skill Development. The classes will provide information on how to improve communication skills, so they can feel confident when speaking to employers. The work shops also assist participants in applying for jobs online, in addition to creating a cover letter and resume. Other topics include professional dress and mock interviews. Ultimately, the goal of the job search work shop is to assist participants in standing out when they are seeking employment.


Employers have two options to choose JOBS Volunteers:

 Option One:  Work Experience

  • Opportunities for employers to find valuable employees.
  • Trainable volunteers.
  • Participant interviewing and assessment.
  • Pre-employment training and education.
  • Worker's Compenstation Insurance.
  • Ongoing support for employers & volunteers.leadership management style skills tips quotes6
  • Opportunities to help those entering the community's workforce gain valuable skills at NO additional cost to you, the employer.

Option Two: JOBS Plus 

  • Employers are reimbursed by the state for wages up to the Oregon minimum wage, and payroll taxes and workers compensation premiums. 
  • Save training costs.
  • Can observe workers in a real work situation.
  • May qualify for additional tax incentives
  • Can end the JOBS Plus placement at any time.
  • Are encouraged, but not required to hire successful workers as permanent employees.
  • Pay a wage equivalent to wages paid for similar work; adjusted for worker's experience.
  • Provide a mentor to help the worker transition to the work place.

Paperwork is simple & reimbursement is prompt

  • One page agreement
  • One page monthly reimbursement form.

Eligible workers can

  • Work up to 40 hours a week.
  • Work 6 months.
  • Learn new skills that will lead to employment.
  • After 30 days, pay $1 per hour into the worker's Individual Education Account (This $1 is deducted from the employer's reimbursement).                                                                                                                                                  

Time Sheets and Job Search forms are due every Friday by 5pm.

Job Search Forms

Time Sheet - Work Experience

Time Sheet - JOBS Plus


Worksource Oregon - A workforce partnership of public and private organizations striving to help people find employment, improve skills, develop careers; helping businesses find and retain quality employees.

Department of Human Services - administers a number of programs that help low-income families and individuals reach an maintain self-sufficiency. The division provides benefits and services including cash assistance, Food Stamps, case management and help finding employment. It also helps clients who have found work to keep their jobs and advance to better positions. In addition, DHS determines eligibility for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP).

Mental Health Services of Douglas County - 24-hour crisis services available by calling 541-440-3532or 1-800-866-9780.

Oregon Employment Department - Job listings and more!

Personnel and Management Services of Douglas County - Contains a list of current job openings available through Douglas County. 

Umpqua Training & Employment - Describe services available to becoming more competitive in the local labor market.

America's Job Bank - Career guidance & educational opportunities. Some job listings also.

Careerbuilder.com - Offers help with your resume, online job fairs, and job search feature, etc.

Job-hunt.org- A site that has received more than one award!

OSHA - Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.

EEOC - Visit this site if you want to learn more about what is being done to eliminate racial and national origin discrimination in the workplace.

Job and Employment Resources - Information and tips to help you find a job today.

Job Training Place - Training provides job seekers and workers with the opportunity to develop and enhance their skills and qualifications. Keeping your skills up-to-date in a world where technology is rapidly changing and expanding will enhance your employment opportunities.


Sara Carson - Contact
JOBS Program Director
Phone: 541-440-7664

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