• "This is the saddest day in the 50 year history of UCC. Our hearts go out to every student, every employee, and every family touched by this tragedy.

    "I want to thank all of our friends and neighbors who have dropped everything to help us. Over the next weeks, we will come together to accept offers of help and care so that we can assist one another."

    -Dr. Rita Cavin
    UCC Interim President

  • OregonHECC
  • Need to talk? Community partners have come together to provide support and sharing with UCC students, faculty and staff.

    Mental health professionals are offering no-cost grief sharing: 9am-8pm through Thursday at the Ford Foundation, 1600 NW Stewart Pkwy; and the Community Health Alliance, 201 Medical Loop.

    Beginning Monday, Oct 5, grief sharing will be available on campus, 7:30am - 5pm in the cafeteria.

    The Community Health Alliance is staffing a 24-hour hotline at 541-440-3532 or 800-866-9780.

  • Andrea Henderson
  • Want to help?

    The Greater Douglas United Way is accepting donations via text and online: http://www.gduway.org/UCCgive

    The Umpqua Community College Foundation is accepting donations online and by mail: https://www.umpqua.edu/scholarships-donations

    We strongly recommend that donors cast a careful eye when considering other funds, as some are not based at charitable organizations and might apply high administrative fees. Also, unfortunately, at times like these, there are unscrupulous people who will set up false accounts.

  • U of O
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

    A tribute to the victims: http://tinyurl.com/pe74yz4

    Campus is OPEN to registered students, faculty and staff ONLY the week of Monday, Oct. 5.

    All classes and campus events are cancelled until Oct. 12.

    Get UCC-related local news flash alerts.

  • LinnBentonCC

Campus is OPEN to registered students, faculty and staff ONLY the week of Oct. 5. All classes and campus events are cancelled until Oct. 12. Also, please see student/staff FAQs.

  • Umpqua Chamber Orchestra

    2014 Umpqua Chamber Orchestra

    Announcing the start of the 2015-16 season and open positions.

    Read more ...
  • Faculty Lecture Series

    Faculty Lecture Series

    Stimulate the mind and spirit by attending these fascinating 20-minute presentations.

    Read more ...

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