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Testing Services

Umpqua Community College is the official GED Test Center for Douglas County.

Our Testing Service staff provides UCC Placement, GED, UCC Angel courses, Oregon University System (OUS) online courses, and industry based proctored exams.

Fall-Spring Testing Center Hours: Monday through Friday: 8AM – 5PM                                                      Summer Testing Center Hours: Monday through Thursday: 8AM -5PM              

Placement Test

The Center provides placement tests in reading, writing and math. All newly admitted student and/or returning/transfer students who have not completed equivalent courses with a letter grade of “C” or higher will need to take the placement test. The ALEKS & ACCUPLACER Placement Test assess a students current skill level for course selection. (Last test given at 2:30pm)  

As you may have already heard, ACT is phasing out the COMPASS placement test. Here at Umpqua Community College we are working hard to find a replacement for the ACT COMPASS. We look forward to your patience as we move through this transition period and UCC will update you as more information becomes available. We are still Reading & Writting COMPASS testing. UCC NO LONGER OFFERS THE MATH-COMPASS TEST.  

NOTE: Practice & Prepare to Test at Umpqua Community College. It's important to review before taking your placement tests. It could save you time and money! 

Here are some STUDY RESOURCES: 

  General Review: Preparing for ACCUPLACER                                                                                            General Review: Download the  ACCUPLACER Web-Based Study App                                                          General Review: Study the ACCUPLACER Sample Questions (PDF)

ALEKS Math Placement Assessment 

Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) is a Web-based artificial intelligence based mechanism to assess math proficiency and skill level. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately determine exactly what a student knows and doesn’t know in a course. After the initial placement assessment test of approximately 30 questions,ALEKS will provide students a targeted Prep and Learning Module that may be accessed for up to six weeks to improve course placement. Within each Prep and Learning Module, students are instructed on topics they are most ready to learn. As a student works through the module, ALEKS periodically reassesses the student to ensure that topics are also retained.

Find your score in the table below to see the corresponding course placement. Highly recommended to meet with advisor for proper placement. 

ALEKS Score UCC-Course Placement 




MATH 20 - Pre-Algebra 

MATH 52 - Intro to Algebra for Trades

MATH 60 - Intro to Algebra 




MATH 65 - Elementary Algebra, for students going onto Math 95

MATH 75 - Applied Geometry, for students in Apprentiship programs 

MATH 98 - Math Literacy, for students going onto Math 105


MATH 95 - Intermediate Algebra, for students going on to Math 111




MATH 105 - Intro to Contemporary Math, for students going onto Math 243 

MATH 111 - College Algebra 

MATH 211 - Fundamentals-Elem Math 1 (Education Program) 



MATH 112 - Elementary Functions 

MATH 241 - Calculus for Management in Social-Sciences



MATH 243 - Intro to Probability-Stats 

MATH 251 - Calculus 1 

More "Math help"  


Math Review Site

View / Download Placement Testing Information

GED Test

GED Testing may only be completed at an official testing center. UCC is the official testing center offering computer based testing (CBT) for Douglas County. If you are interesed in taking GED classes prior to your test, please contact the UCC STEP program at 541-440-4603 for GED class information. *Must have a legal photo ID (driver’s license, passport, State ID card) to take test. 

GED Test Practices and Calculator Tutorial

View / Download GED Testing Information 

Proctored Exams

Weekly proctored exams for UCC Angel, OUS schools or other institutions of higher education are available by appointment only. A $20 proctor fee will be charged for non-UCC students. Contact Testing Coordinator at 541-440-7659 or 541-440-4610 for more information or to schedule a test time.

Industry Based Exams

Industry based exams include College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Pearson Vue, and Prometric, DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), Pesticide, State Board of Tax Preparers, Building Codes, and Castle Worldwide. Inquires for other industry based exams not listed may be directed to the Testing Coordinator.

View / Download Industry Exam Information

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