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Cybersecurity: AAS

Students at Desk with Computers

This program will be offered starting in the fall of the 2017-18 academic year.

The Computer Information Systems: Cybersecurity program is a two‐year sequence of classes designed to prepare you, via hands‐on training, for employment in the computer area as an entry‐level network administrator, computer support person, web designer, or computer programmer, while developing general problem‐solving and troubleshooting skills that can be applied to networking, server, computer, web, and business programming environments.

CIS Program - CodeFurther, this degree adds hands‐on Cybersecurity training in ethical hacking, computer hardware, computer forensics, cloud services, virtualization, switches, routers, and Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) devices.

At UCC, you will learn to program in a high‐level programming language and to apply programming concepts in a variety of environments. You will become proficient as a user and manager of server and desktop operating systems, switches, routers and ASAs. You will also learn how to configure and modify the hardware components of server and desktop systems. In addition, the CIS program provides a strong foundation in basic business and project management principles and practices. Finally, the program develops verbal and written communication skills.

The Oregon Institute of Technology is planing to roll out a 4-year degree in Cybersecurity in 2018. UCC will seek to provide transfer opportunities to that program. 

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Cybersecurity experts enjoy higher than average wages. People who do well in this career are analytical, dependable, detail-oriented, responsible, naturally curious, problem-solvers and quick thinkers.

CIS career - wages in Oregon

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of information security analysts is projected to grow 18 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand for information security analysts is expected to be very high, as these analysts will be needed to create innovative solutions to prevent hackers from stealing critical information or causing problems for computer networks.

OLMIS job information on Cybersecurity

Catalog Info

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Student and USB Thumb DriveProgram Requirements

Completion of MTH 095 or placement test scores indicating MTH 105 or higher and WR 121 or higher is required for entry into the CIS program.

It is strongly recommended that CIS degree-seeking students have access to a personally-owned, 64-bit Windows-based laptop with at least 16 GB of RAM, 1-2 TB hard disk, and other standard laptop accessories. You can purchase Microsoft Office in the UCC bookstore at a very low, discounted student price.

Program Outcomes

  1. Train students in a variety of modern internet and business‐oriented computer skills.
  2. Develop software and hardware problem‐solving skills using programming logic and hands‐on lab situations.
  3. Learn to efficiently use common office applications, receive practical experience with a variety of operating systems, and work with typical hardware configurations.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in information technology related to computer programming; device initiation, configuration, and management; project management; and webpage design.
  5. Employ common cybersecurity practices to eliminate or mitigate threats that originate from inside and outside of the organization.

Other CIS Certificates & Degrees at UCC

Why UCC?

Why UCCAt UCC, you can earn a variety of certificates and degrees that can enhance your current career or place you in the workforce sooner. Plus, UCC offers:

• Expert faculty dedicated to teaching
• Personal attention and small class sizes
• Online classes


Prospective students should visit Advising and Career Services to get started and then see a program advisor (below) to develop a more focused educational plan.

John Blackwood, MS - Contact
Associate Professor, CIS
Phone: 541-440-7686

Vince Yip, MS - Contact
Associate Professor, CIS
Phone: 541-440-7886

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