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Strategic Plan

In March of 2013 Umpqua Community College completed a comprehensive planning process, setting forth a Strategic Plan to continue strengthening the College’s ability to serve its stakeholders. This plan is based on the mission, “Umpqua Community College provides high quality college degree programs, workforce development, and community learning opportunities”. This planning process resulted in five goals that will guide College decision making processes during the next five years.

Download / View 2015-2016 Strategic Plan

Download / View 2013-2018 Strategic Plan

Download / View 2012-2013 Strategic Plan Progress Report

Process & Mission Statement

In 2007 Umpqua Community College completed a comprehensive process, setting forth a strategic plan to continue strengthening the College’s ability to serve its stakeholders. This plan is based on our mission statement, “Umpqua Community College provides accessible and affordable quality college education, life-long learning opportunities, workforce training, and cultural programs for our communities”. The strategic planning process resulted in four initiatives that will guide the College in the assessment and prioritization of factors that will influence institutional decisions during the next five years. Internal and external factors were considered. Input from the community, staff, and students determined the relevance and need expressed in the plan’s four strategic initiatives. College committees developed the initial goals and measures related to achieving each initiative. The College, through its strategic plan, formalizes its commitment to continuously improve its services, marketing, communication, balance of programs, creation of new instructional programs, and to strengthen existingand develop new partnerships within our communities and in support of our mission.

Action Plans are developed each year based on the assessment of plan measures and changes in our environment. Each department and division may develop Action Plans detailing activities to help UCC to accomplish the goals and objectives of this plan. Action Plans will include a performance measure,who is responsible, timeline for completion, and an estimate of budget requirements. These Action Plans are used during budget discussions to ensure that resources are allocated. Annual and semi-annual progress reports to the UCC Board, campus and the community are developed to share the progress related to each initiative.

This 2008 through 2013 Strategic Plan is the foundation of planning and budgeting for the five year period. Only those items that require no additional funding and are committed to by the College or that are funded through the college budget process each year will be included in the plan’s actions, measures, and evaluation for that year.

Work on UCC’s Strategic Plan is a never-ending process. The College realizes the need for flexibility in responding to unforeseen developments and the value of using assessment of measures in determining the effectiveness of the action plans toward achieving its goals. The College ensures its ability to respond to community and student needs through its annual planning and budgeting processes. Data regarding external and internal factors, challenges, and opportunities affecting the College will be considered at that time. The College will determine whether a new mission statement, goals, and objectives are needed each year or if the current statements simply need to be updated. The result ofthese important discussions will ensure that Umpqua Community College remains responsive, proactive, creative, relevant, and essential in providing programs and services that meet the needs of its students and communities.

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  • Dr. Joe Olson, UCC President
    Joe Olson
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    Susan Taylor
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    Kristapher Yates
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