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Library Policies

Borrower Requirements

All UCC students and residents of Douglas County are welcome to apply for a UCC Library card.

Douglas county residents may obtain a library borrower card by filling out an application and showing identification with a current Douglas County address. Examples: an Oregon driver's license or a personal check.

Applicants under the age of 18, if not UCC students, must have the co-signature of a parent or legal guardian.

Circulation Guidelines

Every borrower is responsible for all materials checked out on his/her account. Materials will not be charged out to an individual without a current UCC Library account.  Community borrowers are issued a free UCC library card; a replacement card is available for $1.00.

Periodicals and reference books are non-circulating and must be used in the library.

Library books, DVDs, and compact discs may be checked out for a period of three weeks. A limit of five DVDs and 20 CDs may be checked out at a time.

Reserve material loan periods and restrictions vary, according to the Instructor for the class.   Reserve material can only be checked out to current UCC students.

Library materials may be renewed twice; unless they are recalled, requested by another patron, overdue, or placed on reserve.

Materials checked out of the library, except Reserve items and laptops, may be returned to any branch of the Douglas County Library System.


FAX NUMBER: (541)440-4637
FAX CHARGES: In state: $1.00 first page; Out of state $2.00 first page; $.25 each additional page. Incoming faxes: $.10 each page.

Laptop Borrowing

Checking out a laptop implies agreement with the following:

“I have read and understand the Laptop Check-Out Policy (below). I agree to pay all costs associated with damage to this laptop computer or its replacement costs should it be lost or stolen. I understand that there are significant overdue fines for the late return of this laptop and that the replacement cost for this laptop is $1500 and any associated overdue fines.”

Check-Out Policies for Laptops

Library laptops are available to currently enrolled UCC students for 3 hour periods for use inside the library and may be checked out at the Library Circulation Desk during Library open hours. Laptops must be returned no later than 15 minutes prior to closing.

Only UCC students currently enrolled in CREDIT CLASSES are eligible to check out Library Laptops. Students must have their UCC ID card with a current term sticker.

If you checkout a laptop, it is assumed you know how to use it responsibly. The library staff and lab aides are not able to provide hardware or software troubleshooting, tutoring, or assistance.

Laptops will be available on a first come, first served basis and may not be reserved in advance. Only one laptop at a time may be borrowed by an individual.

Laptop/peripherals can be renewed with the student I.D. card used for checkout as long as item(s) are not overdue.

Don’t be late! Return the laptop before it is overdue.
FINES: $5/any part of first hour and $10/any part of each additional hour. $1500 replacement cost for a lost, damaged-beyond-repair, or stolen laptop. After 24 hours overdue, the laptop will be considered lost and billed to the borrower's account.

Always return the laptop to a library staff member-- DO NOT leave it unattended.

Save files to your own storage media. Do not save personal files or download software to the laptop hard drive at any time. Files will be deleted and you may lose the privilege of checking out laptops/iPads.

The student to whom the laptop/iPad is checked out is responsible for any associated costs if the laptop/iPad or peripheral is lost, stolen, damaged, or overdue. Do not leave the laptop or iPad unattended.

Report any problems with the laptop/iPad immediately. If available, another will be checked out to you.

Laptops are battery powered, unless it is plugged in. Watch for “battery low” warnings.

Comply with all library and college policies regarding use of technology.

The College is not responsible for any viruses which may be transferred to a user’s personal storage device, nor is it responsible for any lost or corrupted files.

Library Conduct

The library maintains the right to ask persons who do not follow the UCC Student Code of Conduct and these library rules of conduct to leave the library. The following rules of conduct are posted on the wall next to the Circulation desk:
  • No cell phone use in the Quiet Zone of the library.
  • No unattended children under the age of 12.
  • No one under the age of 16 allowed in the computer lab (unless an enrolled UCC student.)
  • No entering or exiting through doors labeled "personnel only" or "emergency exit", except in a case of emergency.
  • In order to protect library materials, the library exit is equipped with an automatic alarm system. If the alarm sounds when exiting the library, please do not proceed. Library materials may not have been properly checked out.
  • When using the library computer lab, abide by the rules and procedures established for the area.
  • Snacks that aren't messy or smelly and drinks are allowed in the library, except in the computer areas.

Locker Rental & Key Deposit

A locker key deposit fee of $10.00 is to be paid at the UCC Bookstore.

Return to the library circulation desk with the bookstore receipt. Your locker key will be issued at this time.

A fee of $1.00 per term will be calculated and deducted from the deposit, upon return of your locker key. Lockers used for partial terms will be charged at the full term rate.

All locker keys are due no later than the last day of summer term. If keys are not returned by the last day of summer term, deposits will be forfeited. Contents will be held in the library for 30 calendar days before being discarded.

If you lose your locker key, your locker key deposit is forfeited.

Overdue, Lost, or Damaged Materials

Any materials, except reserve materials, charged to a UCC Library card, which have been overdue for one week will be charged a fine of $1.00 per item. Patrons with items 4 weeks overdue will be billed for full replacement cost, plus a non-refundable $5.00 processing fee, which will be entered as a "hold" on the campus computer system, stopping registration and all othe student transactions.

All overdue items must be returned before the payment of fines is accepted and records are cleared. Overdue materials cannot be renewed. Overdue fines are nonrefundable.

Borrowers with overdue materials and/or fines totaling more than $5.00 will not be allowed to check out materials.

The library user is responsible for the return of borrowed materials. Lost or damaged library materials must be paid for at full replacement value. Damaged materials are items that cannot be repaired. All damaged or long overdue materials are subject to a $5.00 processing fee.

Damaged items will be held at the circulation desk for 30 days after notification to the borrower.  A non-refundable $5.00 processing fee is added to the cost for replacing items. The full replacement value less the processing fee will be refunded or credited to your account for materials returned within one year of the original due date.

Overdue fines, processing fees, and Collections services fees will still apply to your account and may vary depending on the item. Return of items overdue for more than one year after the original due date will not be accepted in the library at any time before or after payment and will not result in the reduction of fines, fees, or replacement costs.

Reasons generally not regarded as valid for canceling or reducing charges:
  • Lack of knowledge of library policy
  • Disagreement with library fine or fee structure
  • Inability to pay fees and charges
  • Material loaned to a third party
  • Non-receipt or late receipt of College billing statements
  • Forgetting the due date
  • Term breaks, leaves, vacations, exams, car problems, etc.

Requesting Library Materials

All UCC students and residents of Douglas County who are registered borrowers may request material from the library catalog. The library catalog is a combined catalog of materials located in the Douglas County Library System and Umpqua Community College Library.

Please be sure to use your UCC Library card number when requesting material.

When requested material arrives at the UCC Library you will be notified by telephone or, if necessary, mail. These items will be held for you at the circulation desk for 5 working days. After that date, the material will be returned to the lending library.

Reserve Materials

Reserve overdue fines are charged at a rate of $ .25 per hour with a maximum fine equal to the cost of a new replacement book at the UCC Bookstore.  Students who keep Reserve items significantly past the time they are due, preventing other students from using the material, may be referred to the Office of the Vice President of Student Services and the instructor for the class using the material.

GED reserves are checked out for one term with the due date the last day of term. GED reserve overdue fines are charged at a rate of $ .25 per hour with a maximum fine of $10 for each title checked out.

Loan periods and other limits for reserve materials will be determined by the instructor. Any exceptions must be in writing, or direct phone contact between the instructor and library staff.

Overdue reserve materials must be returned before payment of fines will be accepted.

All reserve material must be returned in the library at the Circulation Desk, not in the outside or inside book drops. 

If a student owes a $5.00 overdue fine for the late return of a library laptop, they cannot check out another laptop until they pay the full $5.00.

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