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New to Canvas?

What is Canvas?

Is there an orientation for Canvas?

What if I cannot make it to a Canvas orientation?

Where can I access my course?

Where do I get my Canvas login and password?

What if my Canvas password isn't working?

How do I find my classes within Canvas once I am logged in?

When do online classes begin?

What happens if I don’t login the first week?

What if I need help?

Where do I get my course books?


What is Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)?

Canvas is one of the online LMS's that UCC uses for its online and online supplemented courses (also known as web enhanced courses). There are other distance education courses that use other online course management systems and also have varying requirements including face to face meetings, so it is important to make sure which system you are registered for. Information about class schedules can be found on the UCC website or by contacting Registration at 541-440-4604.


Is there an orientation for Canvas?

Each term there is an orientation for Canvas online courses. Look in the Announcements for dates and time.


What if I cannot make it to a Canvas orientation?

If you are unable to attend the on-campus orientation, there are several other options that will get you going.  

  • If you learn better by watching short tutorial videos, then the Canvas Video Guides are great.
  • If you learn better by reading at your own pace, then the individual (topic-based) Quickstart Guides are a good place to start, but you can also download all of the Quickstart Guides in one PDF
  • There is also a Canvas Orientation for Students once you login to Canvas.


Where can I access my Canvas course?

All Canvas online courses can be accessed directly at https://umpqua.instructure.com/login.


How do I login to Canvas?

Each student is assigned a Student ID upon admission to UCC. You will use this same Student ID (starts with 800xxxxxxx) and your initial password will be your 6-digit birthdate (mmddyy).  Please view this short video on HOW TO LOGIN TO CANVAS

What if my Canvas password isn't working?

If your Canvas password is not working, please see this short video on how to reset your password. Important: you will need to access your Student Email to reset your password, please view this document on HOW TO ACCESS STUDENT EMAIL. Faculty and Staff password resets are sent to their umpqua.edu address.


How do I find my classes within Canvas once I am logged in?

Once you are logged into Canvas, you will see the word Courses displayed to the right of the UCC logo at the top of the screen.  Hover your mouse over this link and your list of courses will be displayed.


When do online classes begin?

Canvas online courses begin the same day that regularly scheduled face-to-face courses do each term. Depending on the instructor's preference, some courses may open up as soon as one week early.  It is important that you log into your online course at the beginning of the first week of the term.



What happens if I don’t login to my online course the first week?

Online Instructors are required to drop any student who has not attended a course by Friday of the first week of the term. Attendance in an online course is determined by logging in and participating in activities in the course as required by your instructor. Be sure to participate the first week.


What if I need help?

If you're having difficulties with the course content, you will need to contact the instructor assigned to your course. The instructor contact information can be found within each course.

For help related to the Canvas LMS and not course content, click on the help link in the upper-right corner of the Canvas window and then choose which method of help you would like.  

Please note that if you choose the 'Contact UCCOnline' option, you will only receive help during normal office hours; if you need help after-hours, please use one of the 24-hour options that are also available.


Where do I get my course books?

You will need to contact the UCC bookstore for your required textbook and materials for each course.



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